About Avyna

Ground-level trampolines are now practical for all backyards because Avyna's unique design reduces soil excavation to only 3 cubic yards. Avyna Pro-Line Trampolines introduce a great new phase in the backyard recreation revolution that began over 25 years ago in the outdoor sporting goods industry. As trampoline sales rapidly grew, parent's fear of their children falling off high above ground trampolines led to the wide use of safety enclosures. Since the new Avyna Pro-Line Trampoline is just a step above the lawn, instead of 3-feet above ground, a safety enclosure is no longer required. In addition, the Pro-Line In-Ground Trampoline design requires minimal soil removal, making it easy for homeowners to install with or without the use of professionals. 

GSM International, Inc. is where you can find in-ground trampolines online. We have been selling these high-quality trampolines for years, so you can be confident in our professionalism, efficiency, and service. If you’re looking for a trampoline online that will keep your children safe while they have the time of their lives, leave it to GSM International, Inc., the expert in-ground trampoline supplier!

About John

I have personally spent over 40 years of experience in the trampoline and sporting goods industry and have participated in growing the outdoor trampoline market from a few hundred units per year in select homes to a backyard product that is enjoyed by millions of families worldwide.


I have seen the market develop from basic trampolines to the point now where almost all trampolines are sold with safety enclosures. I can say with assurance that the AVYNA PRO-LINE In-Ground Trampoline is the finest trampoline I have seen in forty years for parents that are looking for both the safety of their children AND to have an elegant and attractive backyard garden and recreation area.


The ten-inch high AVYNA PRO-LINE In-Ground Trampoline gives your family an easy conversation area and a garden uncluttered by a nine-foot-high trampoline/enclosure monstrosity often with an unsightly failing or worn-out components. This is the trampoline you would have designed in an ideal world.

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