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About GSM International - north America’s
Exclusive Source of AVYNA PRO-LINE In-Ground Trampolines - Dallas, Texas

GSM International, Inc., Global Sales and Marketing, is a professional product
development and marketing organization headquartered in Dallas, Texas, selling Avyna In-Ground Trampolines in the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex.

Owner, GSM International Inc.

I have personally spent over 40 years of experience in the trampoline and sporting goods industry and have participated in growing the outdoor trampoline market from a few hundred units per year in select homes to a backyard product that is enjoyed by millions of families worldwide.

I have seen the market develop from basic trampolines to the point now where almost all trampolines are sold with safety enclosures. I can say with assurance that the AVYNA PRO-LINE In-Ground Trampoline is the finest trampoline I have seen in forty years for parents that are looking for both safety for their children AND to have an elegant and attractive backyard garden and recreation area.

The ten-inch high AVYNA PRO-LINE In-Ground Trampoline gives your family a easy conversation area and a garden uncluttered by a nine-foot high trampoline/enclosure monstrosity often with unsightly failing or worn out components. This is the trampoline you would have designed in an ideal world.

AVYNA Pro-Line Trampolines Dealerships Are Immediately Available including Landscape Companies
GSM International is the exclusive agent in North America for AVYNA Pro-Line Trampolines and enclosures. GSM also is the designer and holds all patent, manufacturing, and marketing rights for ArenaSoccer.

You may contact me at:
John Jenkins
GSM International Inc.
7110 Brookshire Drive
Dallas, Texas 75230

Phone/Fax: 214-696-2157 Email: - Also, see us at
For Canadian Sales Contact:
Ivan MacMillan
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For Canadian Sales Contact:
Brad Martin
Offspring Recreational Inc
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