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The Benefits of an In-ground Trampoline

The benefits of an in-ground trampoline, such as our high-quality Avyna Pro-line in-ground trampoline, include:


Improved Backyard Appearance - Lower profile and comes in 3 color options, making it an ideal complement to any landscape design


Lower cost - Fewer components, easy in-ground installation and a LIFE-TIME frame warranty on all AVYNA Pro-Line Trampolines


Minimal Site Preparation - (D.I.Y.) Either the home owner or a lawn care professional can very simply install


In-ground Trampoline Safety – Because they are close to the ground, injuries are far less common. These trampolines are securely anchored to the ground, so you don’t have to worry about your trampoline blowing or tipping over during harsh storms. Another component of in-ground trampoline safety is greater accessibility – adults and children can easily step on and off the trampoline.


The benefits of an in-ground trampoline depend on how the trampoline is installed.


Before Pro-Line’s unique in-ground design, homeowners must dig massive holes in their backyards to get the many benefits of an “in-ground” trampoline. These trampoline installations cost a lot, required major routine maintenance, and the trampolines often did not jump well.



A typical 14-foot diameter in-ground trampoline with the recommended retaining wall requires the removal of approximately 15 cubic yards of soil, whereas a similar Pro-Line In-Ground Trampoline requires only 3 cubic yards of soil removal! The Pro-Line In-Ground Trampoline sets 10 inches off the ground and with sloping sides creating a cone shaped hole, no retaining walls are required.


For information on our Avyna Pro-Line in-ground trampoline, please feel free to reach out to GSM International, Inc. We are more than happy to help answer questions you may have about our installation processes, different types of trampolines, and much more. As exclusive and professional Avyna Pro-line sellers, GSM International, Inc. is the right company to call!