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Double Avyna 10x17’ Inground Trampoline Install


The entire process was so easy!

Our kids absolutely love it. We had the space to do side by side and our kids love jumping back and forth between them. The installation process with Trampolines Inground was really easy, they handle everything for you. You can tell that they use high quality material. My husband is a big guy, and he can comfortably jump on it without any worries. The price definitely worth it! It’s one of those “buy once” purchases because it will last forever.

– Emma M.


Trampolines Inground is the best company. is the best company and has the best customer service I have ever had the pleasure in which to deal. We have 7 grandchildren (oldest is 10). The trampoline is such a wonderful addition to our playground. It is used and loved more than any other portion of the play area. Even the 2 year olds love it! The adults have their share of fun on it as well.

– Louise A.


It makes a huge difference to have the trampoline on the ground.

When my kids or grandkids are around, they are out there non-stop. Of course, I'm out there too with or without them. It makes a huge difference to have the trampoline on the ground. It is so much easier to get on and off that people just stand around and jump in. They don't have to wait for someone else to crawl through a hole in a net and then do so themselves. I never see adults do this and I do see kids get weary of it. This is just right there - one step away.

– Karen C.

Why Avyna

Why Pro-Line Trampolines by Avyna

In our decades of work with trampolines and installations, we’ve seen, tested and used many trampolines. We use the Pro-Line series of trampolines by Avyna because:

History of Excellence

Established in 1999, this European based manufacturer has developed a reputation for high quality trampolines. Their brand is synonymous with excellent craftsmanship and quality.


Avyna Pro-Line inground trampolines provide superior jump performance and their Avyna Air X-tream Airflow system ensures a quiet jump experience (no flapping mats like other brands).

Safety is the Top Priority

Attention to detail is what makes the Avyna trampoline one of the safest on the market. The pad frames are thick, extra wide and made of high quality weather resistant treated vinyl. The thick foam is waterproof and offers extra safety.

Product Warranty

Avyna backs their products with the best warranties on the market: Lifetime warranty on the frame, 3 years on the pad and mat.


Why families love inground trampolines

  • Increased Safety

  • Looks great in any background

  • Never worry about this



  • Professional installation experience

  • Great Customer Service

  • Easy and Convenient scheduling