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Some advantages of Avyna Pro-Line In-Ground Trampolines include:

  • Improved backyard appearance - Lower profile and comes in 3 color options, making it an ideal complement to any landscape design
  • Lower cost - Fewer components, easy in-ground installation and a LIFE-TIME frame warranty on all AVYNA Pro-Line trampolines
  • Minimal site preparation - (D.I.Y.) Either the home owner or a lawn care professional can very simply install
  • Trampoline safety - Close to the ground, sunken trampolines make injuries less common - being securely anchored to the ground, trampoline is prevented from blowing or tipping during storms
  • Greater accessibility - Adults and children can easily step on and off the trampoline

Pro In-ground Trampoline Installers

Ground level trampolines are now practical for all backyards because Avyna's unique design reduces soil excavation to only 3 cubic yards. Avyna Pro-Line Trampolines introduce a great new phase in the backyard recreation revolution that began over 25 years ago in the outdoor sporting goods industry. As trampoline sales rapidly grew, parent's fear of their children falling off high above ground trampolines led to wide use of safety enclosures. Since the new Avyna Pro-Line Trampoline is just a step above the lawn, instead of 3-feet above ground, a safety enclosure is no longer required. In addition, the Pro-Line In-Ground Trampoline design requires minimal soil removal, making it easy for home owners to install with or without the use of professionals.

GSM International, Inc. is where you can find in-ground trampolines online. We have been selling these high-quality trampolines for years, so you can be confident in our professionalism, efficiency, and service. If you’re looking for a trampoline online that will keep your children safe while they have the time of their lives, leave it to GSM International, Inc., the expert in-ground trampoline supplier!

In-ground Trampoline Installers



Avyna PRO-LINE vs. Typical In-Ground Trampoline

Excavation Requirements

Before Pro-Line’s unique in-ground design, homeowners must dig massive holes in their backyards to get the many benefits of an “in-ground” trampoline. These trampoline installations cost a lot, required major routine maintenance, and the trampolines often did not jump well.

A typical 14-foot diameter in-ground trampoline with the recommended retaining wall requires the removal of approximately 15 cubic yards of soil, whereas a similar Pro-Line In-Ground Trampoline requires only 3 cubic yards of soil removal! The Pro-Line In-Ground Trampoline sets 10 inches off the ground and with sloping sides creating a cone shaped hole, no retaining walls are required.

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Do I need to put an Avyna in-ground trampoline in Winter Storage?

How deep does the snow get where you are located? No trampoline should be loaded with an extreme weight of snow and ice. Water and snow do not of themselves damage a trampoline, however, ice forming below the snow and on the trampoline mat needs to be carefully removed. A thick sharp piece of ice can cut the trampoline bed, so one should not jump on the trampoline until the ice is removed.

If trampolines are traditionally stored during the winter where you are located, your Avyna in-Ground trampoline can be removed from its stakes by two persons and carried to storage without dismantling it.

Is special drainage required to prevent water from pooling under the trampoline?

Special drainage is not required under your Avyna In-Ground Trampoline unless it is located in areas with extremely frequent high rainfalls and on soil that drains poorly. We have sold trampolines into all 48 states, and I know of only one new owner that felt obliged to install special drainage. In all installations, a bed of medium sixed gravel of several inches will provide a better base than just soil alone. Be sure to maintain the minimum depth recommended with a little extra safety factor depth.

If drainage is deemed necessary, you might look at having a French drain installed. Because of the 3rd Generation Avyna in-ground design, a drain, if needed, can be installed long after the trampoline is first installed.

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