Collection: Inground Trampolines

What are the advantages of inground trampolines? 

Inground trampolines are the fastest growing segment in the trampoline industry and for good reason! Inground trampolines carry several distinct advantages to their above ground counterparts, including:

  • Safety - with no issues of children falling off a trampoline, or worse, a trampoline being tipped over
  • Accessibility - inground trampolines are easy for children of all ages to access. Our experience also shows that inground trampolines get a lot more use because they are easy to access. 
  • Aesthetics  - the clean look or lack of an enclosure, inground trampolines enhance the beauty of a backyard
  • Less maintenance - never need to move an inground trampoline to mow the lawn, and this area does not need to be watered or weeded
  • Weather resistant - if your area receives high winds, inground trampolines are the safest trampoline to have

How exactly do inground trampolines work?

Avyna has helped to revolutionize the industry by creating very well designed, high-performance inground trampolines.  The trampoline uses the modern “shelf” system.  The trampoline rests on a shelf below the surface, with the hole cut out in a concave manner reaching a depth of 3 ft below the surface.  The advantage of the design requires about ⅓ the amount of dirt to be excavated – making it very popular with landscapers and homeowners alike.  

Additionally, Avyna introduced the Avyna Air X-Tream™   jumping mat.  This mat allows air to flow through which improves the jump experience and makes it quieter (not flapping safety pad like other brands). 

Should I get a round or rectangular trampoline?

Round  is the most common shape for trampolines. These trampolines provide a nice jump experience with a large “sweet spot” in the center.  The jumper is naturally pulled to the center where the best jumps can be found.  

Our most popular model, the rectangle, is also the traditional shape for trampolines and what many parents jumped on in their childhood. The rectangle provides an excellent jump experience and rather than a single “sweet spot” the jump mat provides great balance wherever the jumper is.  Some prefer the rectangle shape for activities related to dance, gymnastics, tumbling and now even football and basketball. 

What size trampoline should I purchase?

Our advice on size is simple.  You will never regret going with the largest trampoline that will fit reasonably in your backyard.  We recommend this regardless if your children are young.  Trust us, they will grow into a larger size trampoline.  There is no need to upsize as your children get older, you will be happy investing in a slightly larger trampoline now that will provide years of enjoyment. 

Do I need an enclosure for my inground trampoline?

This is probably the most frequent question we receive regarding inground trampolines.  The answer comes down to a number of factors.  First, are there obstacles (rocks, trees, walls, drop-offs) near the trampoline?  If yes, we highly recommend an enclosure.  Secondly, what is your comfort level as a parent?  This is the hardest question.  We find that with inground trampolines, customers install enclosures about 15% of the time.  Ultimately, each parent must make this decision for their family.   

Why do you sell the Pro-Line trampolines by Avyna?

Our experience in the trampoline industry led us to search for the best trampoline manufacturers.  Trampolines Inground chose Avnya because they have world-wide reputation for high quality design and craftsmanship.  Based in the Netherlands, their trampolines deliver a high performance jumping experience matched with European style you’d expect.  Their trampoline looks fantastic in the backyard and adds to aesthetic appeal.  

For over 25 years, Avyna has been a leader in the trampoline industry and a leading innovator in inground trampolines. Avyna also offers one of the best warranties on the market which includes a lifetime warranty on the frame.

  • Frame & Spring Warranty

  • Great Customer Support

  • Free Shipping to all lower 48 States