A Parent's Guide to Trampolines

A Parent's Guide to Trampolines

Did you grow up jumping on a trampoline all summer for fun? Trampolines have been a backyard classic for a long time, and with good reason. A trampoline is a small investment to provide hours of entertainment for your whole family, from toddlers to teens. But as a parent, you may have some concerns about trampoline safety. You may have heard horror stories about trampoline accidents, but trampoline safety has come a long way in the last 20 years. 

Let's take a look at what you need to know before letting your kids jump on a trampoline. 

Safety First 

A safe trampoline is essential if you want to let your kids get out and have fun without worrying about falls. The basic safety package for a trampoline will include padding, it should have adequate padding and netting around the entire circumference to prevent falls or accidental contact with the springs or frame. Setup your trampoline on level ground in your yard and away from trees, structures or furniture that could interfere with jumping. It's also important to supervise your younger children while they're using the trampoline to make sure they are using it safely. 

Maintenance Matters 

Trampolines need maintenance both for safety and for longevity of the trampolines components. Check the frame regularly for rust or corrosion. Clean off any dirt or debris that gets on the surface of the mat. Pay particular attention to any exposed springs, they can be damaged over time with exposure to water, snow, or ice. If any parts of your trampoline are showing signs of wear and tear, replace them immediately before using the trampoline again. 

Benefits of Jumping

Trampolines have tons of benefits beyond providing endless entertainment for your kids. Regular jumping can help your kids with their coordination and balance skills, improve physical fitness and cardiovascular health, develop fine motor skills, and even reduce stress/anxiety levels. Kids who are regular jumpers also tend to be better equipped at problem-solving since their brains learn how to anticipate their movements when bouncing around on a trampoline.  

Trampolines offer a wealth of benefits—but only when used safely!

So before letting your kids jump, just make sure your trampoline is set up according to the manufacturer instructions with all safety features added. Check your jump pad and frame regularly for signs of damage or wear and tear. Supervise younger children closely while they jump, and always follow manufacturer instructions carefully when setting up or taking down your trampoline. With proper setup and supervision, the whole family can enjoy hours of fun bouncing around on your very own backyard trampoline!

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