All Manufacturing Warranty Times Are Not the Same

Manufacturers know their products better than anyone!

For that reason, warranty times matter because manufacturer’s warranties reflect the minimum times the components of their trampoline will safely perform their various functions. The purchaser should use these warranty times to evaluate the ongoing maintenance costs of keeping their trampoline in safe working order during the time it is expected to be in service or at the end of its useful life.

Maintaining a trampoline properly is a key feature in providing a safe trampoline for your family!

The manufacturer of the 3rd Generation Avyna in-ground trampoline frames has been able to offer a Lifetime Frame Warranty because the frame has none of its components buried in contact with the soil. As a result, an Avyna owner should expect to be able to continue to keep his in-ground trampoline in safe working condition by periodically replacing the expendable components as required.

Expressed by their frame warranties, the manufacturers of 2nd Generation high-quality in-ground trampolines typically give them five to ten years of expected safe use. Buried frame and side walls are built with this time frame in mind. Weather and use-expendable items like pads, springs, and mats are expected to be periodically replaced during this ten-year life. The cost of replacing these items should be considered as the costs of responsible trampoline ownership.

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