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Can Adults Use Trampolines?

We always see images of kids jumping on trampolines, having a great time, and living their best lives. But, what about adults? Can they enjoy the bouncy contraptions too?

Keep reading, and we'll tell you how adults can benefit from using trampolines, what size is recommended, and how trampolines double as a great workout.

Can Adults Use Trampolines?

Yes. Adults can use trampolines too. Why should the children have all the fun? Though there are a few essential details to consider when using a trampoline as an adult, it's a fun and great way to get in those 30 minutes of exercise you've meant to do.

Additionally, the motion helps you improve your balance and tone your muscles while having a low impact on your joints. You can also choose to exercise outside with the kids on a more extensive outdoor trampoline or a smaller indoor trampoline. But we'll get to that soon.


What Size Trampoline Is Best For Adults?

If you're going to jump outdoors, it's recommended that you get a wide trampoline that can handle the weight of an adult. Adult-grade trampolines are built to hold anywhere between 180 to 400 pounds. So, before purchasing, make sure that the maximum weight capacity of your trampoline can handle more than your weight, and you'll be fine.

In-ground trampolines by Avyna are a great choice as they are usually built to handle up to 392 pounds of weight. They're 14 feet wide, which gives you plenty of room to bounce around without easily falling off.

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These trampolines being closer to the ground makes them ideal for elderly persons as the impact from a fall may not be as high as it would be from an above-ground trampoline.

However, if you're shy about bouncing outside and just want to use your home gym, an indoor trampoline (that can handle your weight) at least 3 feet wide is ideal.

Indoor Trampolines For Adults

Indoor trampolines (otherwise called rebounders) are often used by teens and adults recovering from recent injuries and need low-impact exercise. Studies have determined that using an indoor trampoline (rebounding) improves your endurance better than running does. It'sIt's also one of the ways astronauts rebuild muscle and bone mass after returning from space.

So if you're not in the market for a huge trampoline in your backyard, an indoor trampoline comes highly recommended by the likes of astronauts and recovering athletes.

Is a trampoline a good workout?

Rebounding burns just as many calories as a 10-minute run. It's an excellent cardio workout since repetitive jumping elevates the heart rate. But, the best part of trampolines for exercise is its impact on joints is lower than traditional running and possibly jumping rope.

So, yes. A trampoline is a great workout. Not only can it help you to burn off those calories, but it also improves your balance over time, and your joints will thank you for the low-impact exercise.

You're also more likely to stick to the workout because it's actually fun! Get that trampoline and stop contemplating it!

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