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Expert Installation of Custom Rectangular Pro-line Inground Trampoline

Rectangular vs Round Trampolines

When it comes to buying a trampoline, there is one big decision you need to make: rectangular or round? Both shapes have their advantages and disadvantages; however, the primary benefit of a rectangular trampoline over a round one is the additional safety that it provides.


Rectangular trampolines are designed with eight support points that provide greater stability than what can be provided by the four support posts found with most circular designs. This makes rectangular models less prone to tipping when more than one person is jumping at once or during particularly aggressive use. Many modern rectangular trampolines include special features such as angled railings, which further protect users from bouncing off of the cushioning edge and onto the ground below.

More Fun

From a performance perspective, rectangular trampolines also tend to deliver better bouncing experiences than their round counterparts. By maintaining a flat and even surface area, these models provide more consistent and predictable bounces that lend themselves well to certain sports activities such as gymnastics or other acrobatic sports. Additionally, the larger jumping surface of many rectangular trampolines allows for more freedom of movement when compared to smaller circular designs.

Whether you choose a rectangular or round trampoline is largely up to your own personal preferences. However, it's always important to consider the safety benefits of rectangular models in particular before making a final purchasing decision. With their enhanced stability and performance capabilities, rectangular trampolines offer an enjoyable and safe way to get your family active in the sun.

Professional vs. DIY Rectangular Trampoline Install

Expert installation services can be invaluable when it comes to installing a rectangular inground trampoline. Professional installers have the experience and expertise to ensure that your trampoline is installed correctly and safely. They will measure and mark the site, dig a hole in the correct size, shape, depth, and with any necessary drainage solutions. Finally, they will position and secure the trampoline properly for optimal performance. 

The most important reason to choose an expert over DIY in-ground trampoline installation is safety. Doing everything right during installation is critical for ensuring that there are no potential risks involved when using the trampoline. An inexperienced person may not be able to assess all of these factors correctly or even worse make a mistake which could cause the trampoline to become unstable or dangerous. Professional installers will be able to make sure that your trampoline is properly secured and safe for use. 

Expert installation of the Custom Rectangular Pro-line Inground Trampoline is a great way to ensure your trampoline provides years of safe and fun use. While the installation process isn’t overly complicated, it does require some skill and knowledge of safety standards to install properly. To help make sure that your trampoline is installed correctly, we recommend having an experienced team take care of the job for you. 

Our team of experts at specialize in installing this top-of-the-line trampoline model. We have years of experience doing installations like this and always follow all safety guidelines throughout the entire process. Before beginning any project, our experts will inspect the area where the trampoline will be located. This includes checking the ground for any potential obstacles that could make installation more difficult or create unsafe conditions around the trampoline.

Our team will then prepare a custom excavation plan to ensure that your trampoline is installed in the most structurally sound way possible. After digging a hole, they will begin setting up the frame and other components. The frame pieces are securely joined together using galvanized steel bolts and nuts which are designed to last through years of use. Our professionals carefully check all areas for proper fit and stability before beginning the padding and netting installation process.

Our experts will finish off by making sure all safety features including netting, padding, warning labels, etc., are installed correctly. This ensures that your trampoline is as safe and secure as possible for years of use.

At, we take pride in providing the highest quality installation service for Custom Rectangular Pro-line Inground Trampolines. We guarantee that our experts will provide a thorough, professional job that meets or exceeds all safety standards. Contact us today to find out more information about getting your own team of expert installation services.

We look forward to helping you create an amazing backyard experience with your new Custom Rectangular Pro-line Inground Trampoline!

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