Inground Trampoline Maintenance

Inground Trampoline Maintenance in Phoenix Backyards

Maintaining an inground trampoline in your Phoenix backyard is crucial for ensuring its longevity and safety. Here are some important maintenance tips to follow:

Clear Debris Regularly

One of the most common issues with inground trampolines is debris buildup over time. This can be anything from leaves, branches, and dirt to toys and other objects. Not only can debris cause damage to the trampoline mat and springs, but it can also pose a safety hazard for anyone using the trampoline. It is important to clear any debris regularly, especially after strong winds or storms.

Check for Wear and Tear

Although the higher quality brands do offer UV resistant mat and frame materials, the intense sun and heat in Phoenix can be hard on your trampoline. It is essential to check your inground trampoline for any signs of wear and tear. This includes tears or holes in the mat, rust or damage to the frame, and stretched out springs. Regularly inspecting these areas will help you catch any issues early on and prevent further damage. 

Keep it Covered

One way to protect your inground trampoline from debris is by keeping it covered when not in use. There are various types of covers available, from simple tarps to custom-made covers. A cover will not only keep debris out but also protect your trampoline from harsh sunlight and other extreme weather conditions.

Monitor the Surrounding Area

In addition to clearing debris on the trampoline itself, it is important to monitor the surrounding area for potential hazards. This can include low-hanging branches or sharp objects that could cause damage to the trampoline or harm anyone using it. Keeping the area around your inground trampoline clear and safe is crucial for its maintenance.

Regularly Replace Springs

Springs are an essential component of any trampoline, including inground ones. Over time, springs can become worn out and lose their elasticity, which can lead to a less bouncy experience and potential safety hazards. It is recommended to inspect your springs regularly, ideally every time you use the trampoline.

Conduct a Safety Check

Aside from regular maintenance, it is important to conduct a safety check on your inground trampoline periodically. This involves checking all the components of the trampoline for any signs of damage or wear and tear. You should also double-check that the frame is securely anchored in the ground and that all safety features, such as pads and netting, are in good condition.

Additional Tips

  • If possible, avoid installing an inground trampoline under trees or near any other potential hazards.
  • Consider investing in a weather-resistant and UV-protected trampoline from brands such as Avyna to prolong its lifespan.
  • In addition to regular maintenance, make sure to follow manufacturer instructions for safe usage and weight limits.  Overall, proper maintenance is the key to enjoying your inground trampoline safely and for years to come.

Trusted Inground Trampoline Installation Phoenix

It is important to install inground trampolines properly to ensure they are safe for use. At, our installation teams have years of experience with inground trampolines in Phoenix and we understand the importance of safety and durability when it comes to these types of trampolines. They have the expertise and experience to properly install the trampoline, ensuring that it is secure and safe for use. They will also be able to provide advice on maintenance and safety measures to keep your trampoline in top condition.

By following these maintenance tips for your inground trampoline in Phoenix, you can ensure its longevity and safety. Regularly clearing debris, inspecting for wear and tear, keeping it covered, monitoring the surrounding area, replacing springs when needed, conducting safety checks, and choosing a qualified installation team will help you enjoy your trampoline for years to come. Remember, the key to a safe and fun inground trampoline experience is proper maintenance.  So, always stay on top of it and enjoy bouncing!

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