Superior In-Ground Trampoline Design Reduces Installation Cost

Superior In-Ground Trampoline Design Reduces Installation Cost

Many families would prefer to have an in-ground trampoline instead of the old-fashioned above ground trampolines that have been on the market for years. However, they have been discouraged from buying an in-ground because of the real or perceived cost of an excavation on their property to accommodate a trampoline.

Unique Design - Some clever Avyna designers in Netherlands came up with a slightly raised in-ground trampoline design. Their radical unique design cut the amount of soil excavation almost in half and eliminated all underground baffles and side walls that were built into competitive designs. Over night a quality in-ground trampoline suddenly become a reasonable alternative for many families. This unique design greatly lowered excavation costs but also solved the problem inherent with in-ground of evacuating the air from the cavity under the trampoline.

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Redesigned Jump Surface – Not resting on their laurels, the Avyna designer then re-engineered the jumping mat to allow 70 percent more air to escape through the mat. This feature made it possible for them to create Avyna’s “FlatLevel” trampoline. Their “FlatLevel” design eliminated much of the complicated understructure that were standard on competitive surface level trampolines.

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