Every family that puts a trampoline in their backyard should be aware that both the United States and the European Union have technical groups that define acceptable standards for safe use for children on outdoor home trampolines. Trampolines that do not adhere to these standards jeopardize children’s safety and create other hazards for those using their trampolines.

Reputable quality trampoline companies design and build their trampolines to meet these standards and provide users the defined safety instructions to ensure their proper installation and use. These complying companies will display the logos of one or both of the following groups setting these standards.

American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) defines the standards for trampolines sold or used in the United States on a manufacture’s self-certifying basis.

All Avyna Trampolines follow ASTM self-certifying standards.

TUV sets the standards for all trampolines sold or used in the European Union. Plus, TUV tests the trampolines and certifies them in compliance before the use of the TUV logo is authorized.

Avyna Trampolines has submitted all its trampolines to TUV for testing, and all of them have been certified as passing the TUV standards.

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