Avyna’s In-ground trampolines

Why HOA's Love Avyna In-Ground Trampolines

Avyna’s inground trampolines are the ideal solution for families whose homes are located within Home Owners Associations. Avyna’s “FlatLevel” models almost make the trampoline disappear while still providing the family the joy of safe trampoline fun.

Because the jumper is at ground level, his neighbor’s privacy is not compromised as is the case with all above-ground trampolines.

Avyna’s ingroud trampolines provide quiet jumping which will not offend his neighbor’s solitude,

With no nine-foot-high trampoline and safety net, in-ground trampolines are invisible to neighbors.

Avyna’s Pro-Line Inground Trampolines have been Europe’s largest selling premium trampoline since they were introduced. They have been approved and tested by TUV which established the highest safety standards for trampolines in the world. No other trampolines sold in the United States have been so rigorously tested.

Also, Avyna trampolines meet or exceed ASTM Specifications for Trampolines which is the American safety standard.

Located in the Netherlands, Avyna owns its factory and controls its products from design through manufacturing and quality assurance. As such, Avyna trampolines carry the longest warranties in the industry, including a Lifetime Frame Warranty.

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