Trampolines Installation

With their simple design, easy installation, durable materials, and
sleek profile, Avyna Trampolines are the future of In-Ground bouncing
technology. Transform your backyard into a kid's dream come true without
making it an eyesore. Avyna has perfected the art of the In-Ground
Trampoline. With next-generation technology, our trampolines are
designed for maximum airflow, durability, and style.

Avyna Makes In Ground Installations Easier

Built to last.

Avyna Trampolines stand by their Lifetime Frame Warranty. Quality
materials and intelligent design offer gravity-defying fun for years to

Worth every penny.

All Avyna Trampolines come with free shipping. In DFW, for above-ground models, both delivery and assembly are included.

Less digging. More Jumping.

Avyna's unique designs minimize the amount of soil removed for a much faster and more affordable installation.

Trampoline Installation

Flat-Level Excavation Profiles

Better air-flow for better bouncing.

Innovative fabric and frame design allow air to flow freely under the trampoline for the ultimate bouncing experience.

Join the Fun!

Local Dealer Programs

Avyna is looking for specialized markets or local companies that would like to become Avyna dealers.

Our company will drop ship our full product line of round and rectangular in-ground and above-ground trampolines.

​Those companies that could reasonably add Avyna Trampolines to their product offerings could include:

-Landscape companies
-Sprinkler system companies
-Landscape architects
-Groups addressing families with special needs

For more information, email us:

Trampoline Installation

Affordable Installations

Let us do the dirty work in DFW.

Avyna In-Ground Trampolines offer expert installations at an affordable price for installations in the DFW area. Order online and get hopping, and we will take care of the rest. The installation cost for Avyna In-Ground and Flast level models typically runs from $1,500 and $2,000 for rectangular models.

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